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The pharmaceutical field relates to the discovery and development of small molecules, polymers, and biologics. Because the pharmaceutical field involves knowledge and processes from multiple fields, there is often considerable overlap in other industry sectors, particularly the chemical and biotechnological arts.

At MMV IP, we understand that our clients are required to invest significant capital and to engage in extensive research to develop, make, and sell products and methods in pharmaceuticals. Once divulged, such products and methods may be easy to copy. Therefore, a strong patent portfolio is a critical necessity for our clients.

Our team of attorneys and agents is well-positioned to service your biotechnology patents needs. Seven members of our team hold terminal degrees (Ph.D. or M.D.) in fields related to pharmaceuticals, four hold bachelor’s degrees in fields related to pharmaceuticals, and two have significant in-house IP experience with a biopharmaceutical corporation.

We work closely with clients to develop patent filing strategies, and leverage our deep scientific expertise across a wide range of pharmaceuticals to draft strong patent applications and prosecute enforceable, commercially valuable patents. Understanding our clients’ technology and business goals are our top priorities at every step of the process.

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Based in the BioHealth Capital Region (BHCR) with a global headquarters in Frederick, MD, and a second location in McLean, VA, MMV IP is a pharmaceutical patent IP law firm strategically positioned to cater to clients at local, national, and international levels.

Pharmaceutical Expertise

McBee, Moore & Vanik represent US and international clients in protecting their intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical industry. MMV IP represents clients in pharma ranging in size from start-ups to large multinational corporations, including government institutions, research institutes, and universities.

Biologics / Biosimilars

Biological Drugs: Involves IP protection for innovative biologic drugs, including monoclonal antibodies and other complex biological products.

Biosimilars: Deals with legal considerations related to the development, approval, and market entry of biosimilar products that are highly similar to already approved biologics.

DNA- & RNA-based Technologies

Gene Sequencing and Editing: Addresses IP issues related to technologies that involve sequencing, editing, and modifying DNA and RNA, including CRISPR-based gene editing.

Gene Patenting: Involves the patenting of isolated genes or gene sequences, considering legal and ethical implications.

Gene Therapy

Genetic Medicine: Focuses on the IP aspects of gene therapy, where genetic material is introduced into a patient’s cells to treat or prevent diseases.

Viral Vectors: Involves IP protection for the use of viral vectors in delivering therapeutic genes.

Immunotherapeutics (Antibodies, T-cells, Vaccines)

Monoclonal Antibodies: Deals with IP protection for monoclonal antibodies used in therapeutic applications.

T-cell Therapies: Addresses legal considerations related to immunotherapies involving T-cells, such as CAR-T cell therapies.

Vaccines: Involves IP protection for innovative vaccine technologies and formulations.

Personalized Medicine

Pharmacogenomics: Addresses IP issues related to personalized medicine, where treatments are tailored based on an individual’s genetic makeup.

Diagnostic Tests: Involves IP protection for innovative diagnostic tests that guide personalized treatment decisions.


Drug Formulations: Involves IP protection for novel drug formulations, including controlled-release formulations and combination therapies.

Drug Delivery Systems: Deals with the IP aspects of innovative drug delivery technologies.

Small Molecules

Chemical Compounds: Involves the patenting and IP protection of small molecule chemical compounds that form the basis of many traditional pharmaceuticals.

Drug Development: Addresses IP considerations in the process of developing and bringing small molecule drugs to market.

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MMV IP supports our clients in obtaining and protecting their intellectual property rights in biotech, pharma, medical technology, and chemical and materials science. Based in Frederick, MD, and Tyson's Corner, VA, we serve clients locally, nationally, and worldwide.

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