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With a highly specialized team of patent attorneys and agents who have decades of experience protecting our clients IP assets, MMV IP can successfully manage complex copyright and trademark matters on a global scale. We provide a broad range of services to safeguard intellectual property rights, including trademark and copyright registration, enforcement, licensing, and strategic counseling.

MMV IP leverages deep IP law expertise, emerging technologies, and a boutique approach to assist clients in safeguarding their brands, creative works, and other intellectual assets, ensuring legal protection and helping navigate the complexities of intellectual property law. Our trademark attorneys aim to maximize the value of our clients' intellectual property portfolios while ensuring legal compliance and protecting against infringement.

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Based in the BioHealth Capital Region (BHCR) with a global headquarters in Frederick, MD, and a second location in McLean, VA, MMV IP is a trademark & copyright law firm strategically positioned to cater to clients at local, national, and international levels.

Trusted Trademark lawyers

McBee, Moore & Vanik represent US and international clients in trademark and copyright protection within the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, medical technology, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to decades of IP legal experience, 80% of our lawyers hold PHDs, MDs, and advanced degrees in the sciences fields.

Trademark Clearance Searches and Opinions

Trademark clearance searches involve a comprehensive examination of existing trademarks to assess the availability and registrability of a proposed trademark. Our specialized trademark attorneys aim to identify potential conflicts with similar or identical marks. MMV IP IP lawyers assess the likelihood of success in registering and using a particular trademark based on the search results. This opinion helps our clients make informed decisions, considering factors like distinctiveness, potential conflicts, and legal implications. Ultimately, this process is crucial for minimizing legal risks and ensuring successful trademark registration.

Trademark Application Preparation and Filing

Preparing and filing a trademark application involves defining your goods/services, choosing a unique mark, conducting a search to avoid conflicts, and submitting the application with the required fees. After filing, the trademark office examines the application, issues any necessary requests, and eventually publishes the mark for public review. Successful registration results in a certificate granting legal protection. Regular maintenance and renewal are necessary to sustain trademark protection. MMV IP trademark attorneys help navigate the process efficiently and ensures compliance with legal requirements

Office Action Responses

After carefully reviewing the issued notice, and understanding the grounds for rejection, our specialized trademark laweyrs wiil craft a comprehensive and timely response that addresses each raised issue, possibly making amendments or providing evidence to support the application. In the case of a copyright office action, correct deficiencies and communicate effectively with the copyright office. Collaborating with an experienced IP lawyer is crucial to navigating these processes successfully and increasing the chances of obtaining trademark or copyright registration.

Statements of Use

A “Statement of Use” is a crucial component in the trademark registration process in the United States. It is a declaration filed by the trademark owner to confirm that the registered trademark is in use in commerce. The experienced trademark and copyright attorneys at MMV IP ensure that the Statement of Use is accurately prepared, submitted on time, and complies with the USPTO’s requirements. Our expertise helps navigate the complexities of the registration process and increases the likelihood of successful trademark registration.

Trademark Protection Abroad

Effective coordination with foreign counsel is essential for navigating the complexities of trademark protection in different jurisdictions. Clear communication, a collaborative approach, and leveraging local expertise are key elements in ensuring the success of an international trademark strategy. MMV IP is a local boutique IP firm with global capabilities, representing clients in 80 countries around the world.

Co-Existence Agreements

The expert trademark lawyers at McBee Moore & Vanik conduct detailed analyses of trademark and copyright conflicts, consult with clients to understand goals, perform due diligence, draft comprehensive agreements, negotiate terms with the other party, ensure legal compliance, and facilitate agreement execution and documentation. We provide ongoing monitoring and communication to successfully implement and adhere to co-existence agreements.


Declaration and Renewal Deadlines

Docketing and monitoring trademark and copyright deadlines are crucial aspects of intellectual property management to ensure timely filings and renewals. We utilize emerging technologies and a streamlined approah to efficiently implement a thorough docketing and monitoring system. Our experienced IP, trademark and copyright lawyers can ensure compliance with critical deadlines, reduce the risk of loss of rights, and provide proactive protection for our clients’ intellectual property assets.

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